Majestic Piano Works


At MPW we have been installing player piano reproducing systems for over forty years. We have installed systems into literally thousands of pianos of all makes and models. What’s really exciting is how the technology has evolved. In the 1970s the first true computer system was introduced into the market which utilized 8 track/cassette tapes to operate the system. Since then we have seen player systems use floppy disks, CDs, and now wireless technology which enables one to operate their piano with their cell phones and even stream music via WiFi. Another feature allows you the ability to listen to your favorite vocalist or jazz trio accompany your piano with internally mounted speakers. This can enhance the experience even more allowing the piano to become an integral part of your home entertainment.
Deciding on which player piano system is right for yourself is an important decision and most people have many questions. At MPW we can help by answering these questions and offer valuable information in choosing the right system.