Live Performance LX was purchased by The Steinway Piano Co and renamed Spirio Player Piano. Prior to the purchase, Majestic Piano Works was and continues to be the largest sales and installation center for the Live Performance LX. The ultimate reproducing player piano system still remains available to be installed into your Piano!

HIDDEN MECHANISM. Once installed, the playing mechanism is completely hidden from view. The note solenoids and their associated electronics reside within a cutout in the keybed. Underneath the keybed, only the note solenoid mounting rail is visible.

The playing mechanism is completely hidden from view

CONVENTIONAL TRAPWORK. The hidden mechanism allows the use of conventional trapwork in a reproducing piano for the first time. Pianos equipped with the LX exhibit the same “look and feel” underneath as conventional grand pianos, making use of the lever arrangement that has been universal in piano construction for well over 100 years. Such trapwork is extremely robust and is free from the problems that arise from the unusual levers required by other playing mechanisms, such as loss of the sostenuto pedal function and the need for frequent service to keep the sustaining pedal in adjustment.

PROPORTIONAL PEDALING. The new LX uses full proportional pedaling. With 256 pedal positions, 100 pedal samples/second, and high-bandwidth closed-loop control, the dampers are raised to their full height and their motion is closely controlled at every instant in time. This reproduces the subtlest and most delicate of pedal effects. Other playing mechanisms use simple “on-off” pedaling, which destroys the pedal shadings that make fine piano playing so satisfying.

HIGH RESOLUTION. The new LX has 1020 dynamic levels for each note with a keyboard samples rate of 800 samples per second, standards that emerged after many years of experimentation and study. These standards, combined with high-resolution control of the note solenoids, yield a degree of articulation and subtlety beyond the reach of other mechanisms.

The sustain solenoid remains cool even when the piano is played for extended periods

The note driver boards use the latest advances in high technology electronics

SUPERB MUSICALITY. The combination of proportional pedaling and high-resolution control yields musical results that are head and shoulders above what the competition can do. Words do not do justice to the performance. You have to hear it for yourself.

REINFORCED KEYBED. The new LX solves the problem of keybed integrity that comes about from the need to cut the keybed to allow the note solenoids access to the keys. Conventional playing mechanisms do not attempt to remedy the loss of support that ensues, with the consequence that the regulation of the piano action can come and go with the weather. In contrast, the mounting rail of the LX is a rigid steel structure that is attached to the keybed across its width, thereby restoring the structural integrity that was present before installation.

LARGE LIBRARY. The LX plays every CD ever made for reproducing pianos (except for encrypted CDs, which by law cannot be played).

ROBUST DESIGN. The new LX was designed over the past three years and thus takes advantage of recent advances in high-tech electronics, yielding a compact and robust design. It will give many years of pleasure without service or calibration.