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Learn the Piano 4x Faster

Boys Playing Piano(Small)Are you ready to supercharge your piano learning experience? Piano Marvel introduces the World's most comprehensive and powerful piano learning system with over 10,000 songs and exercises and hundreds of professionally developed learning tools. You have never seen piano learning software like this before. Find out how easy it is to learn piano online with Piano Marvel at https:/www.pianomarvel.com/take-a-tour 

Why is Piano Marvel so Effective?

Girl with PianoHow does Piano Marvel provide a superior practice environment? There are three key components to Piano Marvel's phenomenal success. These components separate Piano Marvel from any other piano software. 

  • Useful Instant Feedback
  • High Engagement
  • Progress Tracking
  • Multiple Piano Practice Modes
  • New Popular Music to Choose From

And much more. Setup a free Piano Marvel account today and see why Piano Marvel is the top piano lesson site in the world!


Instant Feedback

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When you practice with Piano Marvel, you get instant feedback about how you perform notes and rhythms. This feedback allows even the youngest of students to quickly identify where they are making mistakes, and what those mistakes were. In no time you will be able to correct these mistakes so that they don't become bad habits later. 



High Engagement

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When students typically practice with paper sheet music, they often have a difficult time focusing. Let's face it, paper is not that exciting these days and students have nothing to engage or interact with, practice sessions can often become boring and a waist of time. Studies indisputably show that students learn and retain skills at a much higher rate when they are motivated and engaged. Piano Marvel is the perfect practice tool to keep students interested in what they are doing and make practicing fun! No other Piano Software does it like Piano Marvel


Progress Tracking

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Piano Marvel easily guides you through a logical progression of over 1,200 exercises that start at the most basic playing level and advance through high level songs for performance. Since Piano Marvel is the only piano software that tracks, backs up, and synchronizes your progress through the cloud, your progress is always safe and follows you to any computer that you want to practice on! With Piano Marvel, it's easy to see how you are progressing as you earn trophies for your success in completing songs and exercises with good accuracy. 

 With Piano Marvel, you can also link your account with a teacher so your teacher can always see what songs you are working on and help you make the most out of your practicing experience. No other piano software helps you connect better with your teacher.