Arpeggio the Piano SuperDroid

Introducing Arpeggio the Piano SuperDroid™ from Allport MasterWorks on Vimeo.

Arpeggio the Piano SuperDroid was recently featured in Daily Mail! You can see the full article here:

Imagination Inspires Innovation, Design, Technology, Robotics and Engineering. An Automated robotic piano performing interactive system. ARPEGGIO THE PIANO SUPERDROID.

He is capable of aligning himself in front of a piano with precision controlled movement and has the ability to play the keyboard as well as pedals with human touch and emotion.

Arpeggio is a robot that is self-powered, moves with precision, is interactive and most importantly, reproduces fine piano performances at an unparalleled level.

Equipped with some of the most advanced technologies available and Featuring Wayne Stahnke’s Live Performance LX reproducing system. Arpeggio is able to reproduce human piano performances with all of the dynamics and nuance of world-class pianists.

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