Live Performance LX Player Piano Systems


Player piano technology has evolved over the past 25 to 30 years faster then ever before.

The introduction of MIDI has allowed a standard format to be used with the current systems & has provided some very good performances.

However, As good as good as midi is, it still lacks true high resolution or high performance playback. MIDI with 128 levels of expression has its limitations.

Majestic Piano is proud to announce our affiliation with the new “Live Performance LX system built by Mr. Wayne Stahnke, considered by many as the worlds leading designer & engineer of reproducing piano systems. The LX has taken reproducing pianos to the next level.

For the sophisticated listener, the performance of this system is quite impressive. With over 1200 levels of expression, whisper soft pianissimo and it’s thunderous fortissimo, it is simply the most human like playback ever heard. Proportional sustain pedaling allows the complete control of the dampers as originally recorded by the artist – adding to it’s realism & accuracies.

Other features include:
Live Performance LX system uses original pedal mechanism design.
No protruding box under the piano retaining it’s original look.
Plays most general midi files with enhanced synthesized playback making the performances sound far superior.
Live Performance LX system runs from the standard (supplied) DVD player OR wireless from your laptop using I-tunes or other simple YFI sources.
Live Performance LX is the most technologically advanced system designed and is comprised of the highest quality parts and components.


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