Majestic Piano Works excites the Piano Industry with a new innovative design-Arpeggio, the Piano Playing SuperDroid!

Majestic Piano Works leads the Piano Industry with Piano Playing


Arpeggio the Piano SuperDroid -Press Release

Canoga Park, CA – June 15, 2015, Majestic Piano Works announces

the immediate release of the Worlds first Piano Playing Super Droid,

an Automatic Robotic Piano performing interactive System equipped

with the ultimate reproducing player system. The Live Performance

LX. by Wayne Stahnke


Arpeggio is a Piano Playing robot that will align himself in front of a

piano with precision controlled movement and play the keyboard as

well as the pedals with human touch and emotion. Arpeggio is capable

of playing dynamically, his high resolution interface demonstrates

1020 levels of individual keynote expression as well as 256 levels of

both sustain & soft pedals.

Computer controlled, Arpeggio precisely captures the finest nuances

of the original pianist’s keyboard and pedal movements. This Robot is

a virtual clone of the original artist!

Going as far back to early 1900’s , Artist’s from the past and present

have recorded on other forms of player piano technology. Their

performances have been immortalized and are now being reproduced

by Arpeggio the piano playing SuperDroid

Where will he be?

Arpeggio is planning to make appearances at Special Events, Jazz

Festivals, Super Conventions and in some cases, the client’s homes.

He will also appear on class stages dueling with Major Musicians &

and Artists!

Arpeggio represents a major step into the future of Robotic Piano

Performing Systems.

Arpeggio is not a Player Piano …. He is a Piano Player

You can check out this amazing phenomenon yourself!

About Majestic Piano Works

For over 40 years, Majestic PianoWorks-Nick Morris, Creator

of Arpeggio, has specialized in the sales, service and

installation of ALL Piano Player Piano Systems including: LX

Live Performance, PianoDisc, QRS and Pianocorder

Arpeggio the Piano SuperDroidTM Patents Pending

Nick Morris

Majestic Piano Works

22129 Sherman Way

Canoga Park, Ca. 91303 818-712-0119