iQ Flash offers ease of operation, wireless connection and playback options…

PianoDisc introduces its new iQ Flash front-end, a modern, flexible MP3 player system specifically designed for use with PianoDisc’s iQ piano player technology. Features include 1,024 levels of dynamic expression playback per note, built-in SD Card and USB slots, wireless connection and One Touch Record and playback options.


    • MP3 files from USB, SD or MMC flash memory
    • Record your own performances (with optional Performance Package)
    • Integrated balance control for just the right mix of piano and accompaniment
    • 1,024 levels of Playback Dynamic Expression per note
    • Repeat and Shuffle features let you choose how to listen to your music
    • Easy to read high-contrast backlit LCD display
    • Wireless remote control
    • Wireless audio option
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